Counter-Strike 2
Counter-Strike 2
Supported Anti-cheats
  • VAC
  • Dynamic configurable aimbots
  • Assistive aimbot
  • Flick Mode
  • Hitscan
  • Adjustable bone selection
  • Smoothing and custom curves
  • Target Priority (Lowest FOV, Low Health, etc.)
  • Visibility Checks
  • Draw FOV
  • Changable Triggerkey
  • Changable FOV
  • Hitscan
  • Adjustable bone selection
  • Triggershot Delay
  • Reaction Time
  • Max Distance
  • Hologhaphic Radar
  • Box ESP
  • Line ESP
  • Health ESP
  • Skeleton ESP
  • Distance ESP
  • Fully customizable draws
Counter-Strike 2

Counter-Strike 2


Testing out Counter-Strike 2
7m | 4.3k
Testing out Counter-Strike 2

Scripter's Rift: Dominate the Competition

If you're looking for a way to get ahead in your favorite online game, look no further than Scripter's Rift. Our advanced cheat system gives you the tools you need to dominate the competition and climb to the top of the ranks.

Aimbot: Precision Aim Assistance

Scripter's Rift's dynamic configurable aimbots give you the edge you need to hit your targets with precision. Our assistive aimbot is designed to help you make accurate shots with ease, while our Flick Mode allows for quick and accurate movements. With smoothing and custom curves, you can adjust your aim to suit your playstyle, and our adjustable bone selection and target priority features give you full control over your shots.

Bone Selection and Target Priority

With our adjustable bone selection feature, you can choose exactly where you want your shots to land. Whether you prefer headshots or body shots, our aimbot has you covered. Our target priority feature allows you to choose your targets based on factors like lowest FOV, low health, and more, so you can take out the most dangerous enemies first.

Visibility Checks and FOV Draw

Our aimbot includes instant visibility checks without delay, so you can be sure you're hitting your target even when they're hiding behind cover. And with our draw GUIDE feature, you can see exactly where your aimbot is pointing.

Triggerbot: Fast and Accurate Shots

Scripter's Rift's triggerbot is designed to help you take fast and accurate shots, even in the heat of battle. With changable triggerkey and FOV, you can customize your settings to suit your playstyle. Our bone preference feature allows you to choose where you want your shots to land, and our triggershot delay and reaction time features give you even more control over your shots.

Distance Limits

Our triggerbot also includes a max distance feature, so you can be sure you're hitting your targets from the perfect range.

Visuals: See the Enemy Clearly

Scripter's Rift's advanced visual features give you the ability to see your enemies clearly, no matter where they're hiding. Our holographic radar lets you track your enemies' movements in real time, while our gadgets, drones, explosives, and bomb sites and hostage features give you full visibility into the battlefield.

ESP Features

Our box ESP, line ESP, health ESP, skeleton ESP, and distance ESP features make it easy to spot your enemies and take them out quickly. And with our fully customizable draws, you can adjust your visuals to suit your playstyle and make sure you never miss a shot.

World ESP Features

Our world ESP helps you find weapons, grenades, defuse kits, chicken and of course the C4. Wondering if you still got the time to defuse the bomb? Our bomb timer let's you know.

Try Scripter's Rift Today

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